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  Welcome to our Online Consulting Room.

This online consultation is a general analysis based on your story, personal health, lifestyle, age, weight, height, and sex and physical activity level developed by Alternative Therapists.

Our secure online communication tools and our network of certified therapists allow us to provide our patients with convenient, reliable advice at an affordable cost.
We charge US$ 35.00 for the consultation and written report which generally involves at least one and a half hour of our time in analyzing your information, formulating the treatment program and writing your report.

We get many requests for consultation.
Our therapists are processing every query manually. So you'll have to wait for 48-72 hours to get a reply on your consultation request.

Bionordic was designed to be like no other health-care news and information website.
No one on the Internet is offering the same complex product as Bionordic.

By integrating the latest health-care news and alternative information related to your problem, we offer you the opportunity to learn about, understand, and make a qualified decision about your physical and mental health.

Once an illness is diagnosed, Bionordic will prescribe a treatment and basic recommendations where will focus on restoring the balance of the body.
Elements and information from Acupuncture, Herbal medicine, Homeopathy, Aromatherapy, Autogenic training, Acupressure, Reflexology or Auriculotherapy will be used in the development of your program.

In addition, Bionordic will treat the entire person, including both the physical and the mental aspects to cure your condition.

The 12-week Self-care Guide:

Bionordic's role is to teach the patient about achieving health and avoiding disease.
By using our program you will learn how to become your own therapist.

Here is what you can receive in this Self-care Guide:

We help you to be your own therapist!


• General information and considerations about your condition (Here we will try to analyze your condition)
• Diet and nutritional planning. Our nutritionist completes an evaluation of your over-all diet and tells you what foods are bad for you and what foods can be good for you.
No other service can offer more comprehensive or effective dietary counselling programs.
• Nutritional supplements - Exact recommendations for a 12-week period.
Each recommendation is based on a client's individual needs and goals.
• Herbal supplements - Herbs. What herbs are good for you and what to do!
• Homeopathic remedies to help. We analyze your problem and provide you with a list of homeopathic remedies most likely to help.
• Reflexology - Chart services. How to treat your self.
• Aromatherapy - We also use Aromatherapy or essential plant oils in your recommendations.
• Practical information on acutouch therapies. Chart services. How to treat your self.
• Ayurvedic medicine. Based on your information we will try to integrate ayurvedic medicine in our program.
• Auriculotherapy - We tell you how to use different techniques from Auriculotherapy in a simple way.
• Mental training- Autogenic training. We give you an easy programme to follow (if necessary!)
• Medical information - We take a look at your medicine and evaluate side effects and interaction with nutrition and herbal medicine.
• What exercises to do and how often
• Practical information different sorts
• We inform you of all other useful therapies and how to use them in relation to your condition.
• Conclusion - The most important things for you. We make a priority of all information.
• Follow-up Consultation - After 12 weeks we offer you an evaluation related to the program you have been through. We need to have a report on what changes you have noticed so far. From this information we provide a second written report and recommendations and we will make changes in your prescription if required. The second consultation and report costs US$ 20.

The program is composed of many specialised therapies.
Taken as a whole, we provide a comprehensive program for treating disease and maintaining health.

The program will proximally contain 15-30 pages inc. charts related to your condition.

The site deals confidentially and professionally with all the information, which you provide.

Language: English and Danish only.

We offer you the detailed Consultation for only 35 $
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